Ohio House Urges Obama to Halt the Flow of Syrian Refugees into the State

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Republican-dominated Ohio House is urging President Barack Obama to halt the settlement of Syrian refugees in the state and the U.S., citing safety concerns.

The GOP leadership brought a resolution up for a vote Tuesday, the same day it was introduced. It passed 63-24.

No hearings were held on the largely symbolic measure, which comes in the aftermath of coordinated attacks in Paris. Some Democrats called the resolution short-sighted.

Republican Gov. John Kasich (KAY’-sik) is among several governors who are moving to temporarily halt acceptance of Syrian refugees following Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris. They’re responding to heightened concerns that terrorists might use the refugees as cover to sneak across borders.

Immigrant rights groups argue that states don’t have legal authority to block refugees from being resettled.