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Primary Ballots Feature Local Issues Along With Presidential Races

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Though the focus of the March primary in Ohio has been on presidential candidates, local issues are included on the ballots throughout the region.

While choosing between Republican, Democratic or Green Party presidential nominees and United States Senator nominees, Athens County residents will also choose between Democratic candidates in the 94th District House of Representatives race, a Court of Appeals judge in the 4th district and a Supreme Court Justice.

All residents will choose the fate of an Athens City Schools renewal levy as well, along with other local levies.

The renewal levy asks for 2.9 mills for five years to provide “general, ongoing permanent improvements,” including repairs, textbooks, classroom furniture, school buses and other improvements, according to the ballot language.

The 2.9 mills would mean $290 for every $100,000 in property valuation.

Bern Township is asking for a five-year replacement levy to pay for current expenses. The replacement asks for 1 mill, a total of $100 per $100,000 in property value.

Voters in the Village of Albany will choose whether or not to renew a five-year, 3-mil levy that would pay for “general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of streets, roads and bridges,” according to the ballot. The levy would cost taxpayers $300 per $100,000 in property value.

The Village of Jacksonville has a proposed replacement and increase in their fire protection levy on the ballot, along with a renewal current operating expenses levy. The fire protection levy would replace an existing 2-mil levy and increase it by 1 mil, to bring the cost to village property owners to $300 per $100,000 on the five-year levy.

The current operating expenses levy would renew a 3.2-mil measure, with residents paying $320 per $100,000 in property value.

Lee Township is asking for a replacement road maintenance levy of 1-mil for five years, totalling $100 for every $100,000.

Trimble Township wants to renew its fire protection levy, a 1.4-mil, 5-year levy to continue the cost of $140 per $100,000 for township residents.

On the Democratic ballot, voters will be choosing between Sarah H. Grace and Eddie Smith to see who will run against Jay Edwards in November’s General Election.

Democrats will choose Kelli Prather, P.G. Sittenfeld or Ted Strickland to face off against incumbent Republican Rob Portman or his challenger, Don Elijah Eckhart.

Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court Democratic candidates will be chosen between Pat Fischer and Colleen Mary O’Toole.

Valarie K. Gerlach and Paul Price are vying for 4th District Court of Appeals judge on the Democratic ticket in Athens County.

Some in Athens County will choose a Democratic candidate for 6th District Representative, from Michael D. Davenport and Michael L. Lorentz.