Ohio U Press Releases New Book for Children About Grandma Gatewood

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At age 67 Grandma Gatewood, from Southeastern Ohio, became the first woman to solo hike-thru the Appalachian Trail in one season. She did it without professional gear and without a tent. All she had was a denim bag that she slung over her shoulder.

Along her way she had numerous adventures with people and nature.

This amazing woman is the focus of a new book for 4-10 year old children, When Grandma Gatewood Took a Hike. Released last month by the Ohio University Press, this new book is written by veteran writer Michelle Hout and it is illustrated by Erica Magnus.

The book is written at an understandable level for children but it still highlights the amazing hiking feats of this woman who was the mother of 11.

The exciting text is married with illustrations that “capture animals, people, and unexpected challenges” that were encountered by Grandma Gatewood, according to the Ohio University Press.

Houts and Magnus will appear at a book signing at the Athens County Public Library on Saturday, October 22 at 2 p.m. They will talk about the book and meet people who are interested in Grandma Gatewood and this type of literature.