Donation Room in the Baker Center.

Victims of Carriage Hill Apartment Fire Receiving Help

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The American Red Cross and Ohio University are working to help people left homeless after the fire at the Carriage Hill Apartments.

Students and families who are affected by the fire can get clothes, shoes, shampoo, food and other immediate needs on the fifth floor of the Baker University Center.

Donations for victims of the fire.

The floor is also serving as a warming center to people who lost their home by the fire.

Tim Callahan, the Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross, says the organization started assisting victims yesterday.

Callahan says if people want to help they could donate money and everyday commodities.

Tim Callahan, the Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross.

“There isn’t one thing that is important. Everything is important. People have lost toilet trees, shampoos, teeth brushes, clothing shoes, blankets pillows,” said Callahan.

“Anything like that, any kind of disposable items like that, not furniture, couches or anything like that but those smaller items that you need every day.”

Sunday’s fire started in Building 12 of the Carriage Hill Apartment around 4 p.m. The building is a complete loss and around 40 people were displaced by the fire. Officials are investigating the exact cause of the fire.