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Athens’ 24-Hour Parking Rule Change Proposed

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ATHENS, OH: The Athens Transportation Committee and City Council heard a proposal for a pilot program that would change the 24-hour parking rule to a 72-hours.

The current rule requires those parking on the street to move their cars every 24 hours. The rule was put in place to prevent Ohio University students from taking spaces from residents on a semester-long basis. But that rule also requires homeowners to move their cars, and they would like some relief from being repeatedly ticketed for parking in front of their houses.

'Joan Kraynanski' Courtesy of AthensMessenger
‘Joan Kraynanski’
Courtesy of AthensMessenger

Athens resident, Joan Kraynanski, who is behind the proposal, told City Council she has obtained 30 signatures on a petition asking for the change.

“People are having to move their vehicle every 24 hours no matter what their condition was or what the weather was,” she said. “They just thought that if they were residents of the city, paid their taxes, worked in the city, maintained their yards, that it would seem logical that they could at least park their car for an extended period of time without getting a ticket.”

Streets included in pilot program

If accepted, the following streets would be included in the pilot program

  • Brown
  • Central
  • Elizabeth
  • First
  • Hanlin
  • Maple
  • Pratt
  • Shafer
  • Smith
  • West Hills
  • West Washington
  • Columbia
  • Franklin
  • Evans
  • Grosvenor
  • Highland
  • Mound
  • Spring
West Side Athens Courtesy of athenscyclepath.com
West Side Athens
Courtesy of athenscyclepath.com

Most of the council indicated their support for the pilot program. Council member Michelle Papai said if approved as an ordinance, it would run two years to see if it works before adding more streets to the program.

Permanent parking would not be permitted in the pilot program. After the 72 hours, vehicles would still need to be moved as with the 24-hour rule. Under the program, parking permits would be issued to those who own or rent their homes and have just one or no off-street parking space.

City Council delayed action on the proposal to allow more research.