Barrett teaching clinic goers.

“Gals On The Green” Shoots for More Ladies On The Links

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ATHENS, Ohio — Ohio University’s Golf and Tennis Center is home to Athens’ only golf course, and it’s hoping new female faces will be gracing the fairways soon. Just 20-percent of today’s golfers in the United States are women, and the Gals On The Green program is hoping to change that.

The Program

Offered during the fall and spring semesters, Gals On The Green is a four-week program that teaches women with zero golf experience the basics of the game. Those who hand over the 50-dollar entrance fee learn the fundamentals, such as how to grip and swing club. On top of basic gameplay, the ladies are taught the rules of the game and course etiquette.

One of the students golf bags.
One of the student’s golf bags.

Eric Jetty is a member of the Ohio University Club Golf Team and his job through Campus Recreation allows him to help the local PGA professional Paul “Smoke” Barrett teach the hour-long clinics three days a week.

“The main goal of these sessions is to get people comfortable enough with the game that they can go out onto any golf course and be able to have a fun time without wanting to kill someone or getting frustrated,” said Jetty during the clinic. “I also help instruct the learn-to-play kids, and my main job out here is to help Paul with whatever he needs.”

A Family Tradition

Breanna Hart said she got involved with the game because of her family’s love for the game.

“My mom is in a ladies league and my dad is in a men’s league, so I think it would be really fun to get involved in something like that,” said Hart after the clinic. “I just think it’s really fun. I’m going into the medical field, so I’m hoping this can be a way to relax and get away from work stress.”

Paul "Smoke" Barrett instructing a student.
Paul “Smoke” Barrett instructing a student.

Gals On The Green sets up each clinic member with the tools they need to excel in a sport that is often used as a vehicle for discussing business and building relationships that extend beyond the course.

This year’s spring session of the ladies-only clinic has already sold out. Jetty said he hopes to see all of the new students out on the course soon.

“Yeah hopefully they like it,” he said. “I just hope we don’t destroy the game for anyone; it’ll be nice to see some new faces out there.”