Court Won’t Block Start of $60M Payments from Ohio E-School

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – The Ohio Supreme Court won’t stop the state from starting Thursday to recoup $60 million from one of the nation’s largest online charter schools amid a legal battle.

The court denied injunctions Wednesday for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. The school of 15,000 students is challenging how the Department of Education tallied student log-ins to determine ECOT owes repayment.

Spokesman Neil Clark noted the Supreme Court hasn’t ruled on the merits of ECOT’s pending appeal. He says ECOT remains confident that justices will conclude the department illegally changed criteria to adjust state funding for 2015-16.

State officials say ECOT didn’t provide documentation of student participation to justify all its funding.

Separately Wednesday, a county judge ruled the state school board didn’t violate public-meetings law in voting on the repayment issue.