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Hocking College Prez Gets Raise, As Do Some Employees

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The president of Hocking College will receive a higher salary, along with some employees of the college, after approvals by the Hocking College Board of Trustees.
The board approved a raise for Dr. Betty Young at their Aug. 1  meeting, bringing her annual salary to $175,000.

Dr. Betty Young
Dr. Betty Young

Board President Tom Johnson said performance goals set in Young’s initial contract in 2014 were “not only met but exceeded and merited an equitable compensation based on performance,” in a statement released by the college.

“Dr. Young has been a tremendous change agent for Hocking College,” Johnson was quoted as saying in the statement. “She began by making difficult but necessary decisions to bring the college back from potential financial disaster.”
The college logged a $4.2 million deficit, saw enrollment decline by half and faced lawsuits for wrongful termination as Young’s tenure began, and last year she faced a “no confidence” vote from faculty and staff.

Young’s new contract was “not only based on her efforts in righting the ship at Hocking College but in the host of new initiatives that are helping it to continue to grow and serve as a world-class educational institution,” according to the statement.

Also at the August meeting, the board approved the hiring of a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

David Cannon was hired to run the business and fiscal matters of the college, including “budgeting, accounting, fiscal controls, audit operations, risk management, asset management and more,” according to a news release.

Cannon previously worked as Vice President of Business Affairs/CFO at Owens Community College in northern Ohio. He has also served as Vice Chancellor of Finance and Data Management at the Ohio Board of Regents and worked for the Ohio Auditor of State.
At the August meeting, the board also approved a 1 percent increase in salary for eligible non-bargaining unit employees, effective July first.