Tank Leak Oozes 300 Tons of Molten Glass into Ohio Plant

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Update 8/9/17

ZANESVILLE – The crack in South Zanesville Fire Chief Russell Taylor’s helmet is small, but it means the helmet must be replaced.

According to the Zanesville Times Recorder, It’s just one of several pieces of firefighting equipment that was rendered unusable by the 300 tons of molten glass spilled at the Owens-Illinois glass plant Monday afternoon on State Street. Taylor, who was in charge of the scene and directing first responders at the time, misspoke Monday when he originally said it was 300,000 tons of molten glass

The molten glass wrapped itself around structural beams, causing deep concern that the glass would melt the beams and the building would collapse. However, as of yesterday, the building was reportedly stable.

ZANESVILLE, Ohio (AP) – Authorities say 300,000 tons of molten glass spilled from a ruptured tank at an Ohio plant, oozing like lava from a small hole that quickly grew to 10 feet wide.

It wrapped around structural beams at the Owens-Illinois glass plant in Zanesville on Monday. Firefighters worked for hours to cool the glass so it wouldn’t destroy beams and collapse the building.

No injuries were reported.

Owens-Illinois tells the Zanesville Times Recorder that employees followed safety protocols, and the damage is being assessed.

South Zanesville Fire Chief Russell Taylor says the rupture started with a hole that quickly grew.

He says firefighters were well prepared because he and other area fire officials had taken the precaution of talking with the plant in recent weeks about how to handle a potential rupture.