Court Street Pizza Competition just got Hotter

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Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza is new to Athens, Ohio and has redefined the way the pie is sliced. This pizza joint is shaking up the competition on Court Street.
Ohio University students have the choice of lots of pizza shops. On Court Street alone, there is Courtside Pizza, Good Fellas, Franco’s and the latest addition, Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza. All are fighting for the stomachs of hungry students, but also have to worry about chain restaurants like Chipotle and Wendy’s. So, you might ask, what makes Lotsa stand out?
Lotsa starts with a unique “build your own pizza” option. Here, you pick your dough, sauce and toppings to create a personalized signature pizza. They also have a list of eight pre-made specialty pies to choose from and a gluten free option as well.
lotsa toppings
The toppings at Lotsa are endless.
“I like it that it is personal because I am quite picky, and so I can take all the things that I don’t like off, it’s great,” Ryan Fogarty, Lotsa customer said.
After the pizza is assembled, customers watch their pie bake in the open stone fire oven. While other pizza shops take about 30 minutes, each Lotsa pizza only takes about one hundred and fifty seconds to bake (two and a half minutes).
Lotsa employee Sarah Schroeder said the business takes pride in customer satisfaction, but it also gives back the  community.
“Lotsa really does a lot with community outreach, stuff like that, trying to just bring awareness to a lot of different issues,” Schroeder said. “Last Monday, we actually donated 15 percent of our profits to the breast cancer awareness research.”
lotsa girl
Sarah Schroeder is showing off her pink breast cancer shirt.
The month of October is breast cancer awareness month. Lotsa employees are wearing bright pink t-shirts and have decorated the store with balloons to bring awareness to the cause.