Bentley Sisters Propel Lady Vikings To Blowout Win over Athens

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If you come at the Vinton County Lady Vikings you better come correct.

Athens found that out the hard way when its 32 turnovers got itself ran out of its own gym by a hungry, merciless Vinton County squad.

The Lady Vikings’ (12-0) 92-29 drubbing of the Lady Bulldogs (2-13) Thursday night could be a attributed to one thing: Intensity.

The Lady Vikings pressed Athens the entire game. They jumped every passing lane, dove for rebounds and pressed the break even after they had already secured a 41-point lead by halftime.

“We’re not trying to win the game, we want to win every possession,” Vinton County coach Rod Bentley said.

It’s that mentality that has led the Lady Vikings to a perfect 12-0 record. Even when the team was in full control, Bentley kept them sharp, reminding them to “be hungry,” and to keep even the little things (like body language) razor sharp.

“This is what we want for our kids, this is what they’ll live like in life.” He said. “Our program is about being positive and body language is everything for us.”

Bentley has done a solid job guiding other Vinton County residents’ daughters to success on the hardwood, but his own daughters, senior Cassie Bentley and freshman Morgan Bentley, are the two most prime examples of what the Vinton County uptempo system is capable of.  

The eldest Bentley finished the game with 17 points, 10 rebounds and four steals. While the freshman phenom added her own 19/3/3 statline. Vikings Erin Jones and Lexi Erickson also put in work scoring 16 and 11 points respectively.

It was a long night for the Lady Bulldogs who had trouble stopping anyone in maroon and gray. Vinton County was able to play its brand of basketball and the pressure it applied kept Athens out of rhythm.

The Lady Vikings dominated on both sides of the court and even with the scoreboard reading 71-23 at the start of the fourth, Vinton County still had its foot  pressed on the pedal.

“We knew we had to come out with intensity, and we had it,” said Cassie Bentley.

Athens, who is on a seven-game losing streak will look to pick up a road win next week against Meigs. The Lady Vikings will take their undefeated streak on the road next week against current three-seed and the defending TVC-OHIO champion, Alexander.

“That’ll be a fun one,” said Bentley.