Kasich: Lieutenant Governor Has ‘Right To Be Independent’

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Gov. John Kasich is reiterating support for his lieutenant governor while leaving slightly vague when they last spoke.

Kasich responded Thursday to reports Lt. Gov. and gubernatorial candidate Mary Taylor told a gathering of Clermont County Republicans last week she hadn’t seen him in about a year.

Kasich, a high-profile detractor of President Donald Trump, said he couldn’t recall the date of their last conversation but “you know, we communicate.”

The Republican said he’s not bothered if Taylor, his two-time running mate, is distancing herself from him, including downplaying his endorsement for governor. He said Taylor “has a right to be independent.”

Still, the popular governor said he doesn’t think things “have changed that much” since he won 86 of 88 counties in the 2014 governor’s race.