Lady Lancers Shake Up The Top Spots In TVC-Hocking

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Before Christmas, the Lady Eagles beat the Lady Lancers 59-46, but a month and a half of basketball season later, the tables turned.

The Lady Lancers beat the Lady Eagles 59-43, which helped them edge out Eastern for the second place rank behind Waterford in the TVC-Hocking.

The Lady Lancers took the lead early in the game with an 18-6 lead after the first quarter, and did not lose the lead once the whole game.

Federal Hocking was on fire and Eastern could not put it out. Paige Tolson would take the ball on fast breaks down the court and into the paint.

If she couldn’t get in the paint, Kylie Tabler was hot on the outside. Tabler had 16 points, the majority of them shot from the top of the arc and two of them were three-pointers. Tabler was not the only player on the court making three-pointers.

Jess Parker and Allyson Bailey for Eastern hit two three-pointers each in the second quarter. But, in the first half, the Lady Eagles were only 29% from the field.

The Fed Hock defense was hard to get by. Emma Beha was contesting shots all night long racking up a total of five blocks in the game.

Eastern had set plays, but when they were able to to get to the basket, they were not finishing.

A maroon jersey was always under the basket to contest the rebound, and Fed Hock came out on top with defensive rebounds.

In the last 45 seconds before half there was back-to-back scoring. Parker hit a three-pointer, then Tabler answered back with a three.  Eastern got the ball and scored, and then Fed Hock made two foul shots to end the half at 28-20. That intensity carried over to the second half, where most of the action took place.

Both teams came out of the locker room with a mission to win. They played physical and fought hard on the court, literally diving on the floor, for possession of the ball.

Both teams committed more than 10 fouls in the second half, creating lots of opportunities for points earned by foul shots.

Federal Hocking was around 60% on their foul shots. Eastern fell short having missed all their foul shots in the first quarter and only making 6 out of 22 the whole game.

However, Eastern did step up the intensity and began to get in their groove. They played tighter defense and put the Lancers under pressure.

Allyson Bailey was quick on her toes and with her hands. She jumped and grabbed at everything which translated to two successful steals.

Bailey was also top scorer for Eastern with 15 points. Liz Collins and Olivia Barber lead in offensive rebounds.

Fed Hock’s defense forced Eastern to take shots they did not want to take. They took lots of missed shots from outside. Bailey, Parker, and Madison Williams attempted a total of 25 three-pointers but only made four of them.

Although, Ashton Guthrie had two back to back three-pointers late in the fourth for a last minute effort to close the gap.

In the end, Federal Hocking matched their intensity and upped the ante. Hannah Dunfee was the top scorer for Fed Hock with 24 points, Kylie Tabler had 16, and Paige Tolson had 10.

With four minutes left in the game, Coach Tolson called a timeout and told his girls to “keep hustling, keep out-working them [Eastern],” and that is exactly what the Lady Lancers did.

They remained strong on defense and kept racking up the baskets.

Next week, Eastern travels to South Gallia on February 3rd. They have four more games to play, including postponed game against Parkersburg, to improve their 11-6 record and try to beat out

Federal Hocking for second place. Federal Hocking will host Miller on February 2nd with two games to play.