Area Players Show Out at All-Star Game

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Alli Kern (30) sprints across the court to make it to the basket.

To bring basketball season to an official close, Southeast Ohio high schools gathered under one roof to compete in the District 13 High School All-Star games.

The event at Logan High School consisted of a girls’ game, a boys’ game, a 3-point-shooting contest, and a dunk contest. Awards were handed out to commend the players on their success and hard work during the season.

Game Stats

The women were the first to play, with “Team Close” defeating “Team Bentley” 92 – 62. Jerry Close of the Waterford Lady Wildcats and Rod Bentley of the Vinton County Lady Vikings each coached a team.

Jesse Addis makes her way up the court to score.

3-Point Shooters

After the girls’ game, the 3-point shooting contest took place. Isiah Howell and Harlie Lyons took home the awards for best 3 pointers, both missing only 2 shots out of 14 attempts.

Jarret Bacorn of Rock Hill takes his shot at dunking the ball during the dunk contest.

Slam Dunk Showdown

After the first half of the boys’ game, Caiden Landis won the dunk contest with the best dunk of the night.

Total All-Stars

Caiden Landis takes his shot at dunking the ball during the dunk contest.

Jesse Addis the highest scorer in Nelsonville history scored only two points during the game. Emily Chapman led the game with 27 points and took home the MVP award.