Gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine announced a new plan to prevent chronic disease among Ohioans. (Lecia Bushak | Ideastream)

DeWine Announces Wellness Initiative

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The GOP ticket for the state’s chief executive office has a new wellness initiative. The proposed plan would first roll out for all state employees, then eventually for people on Medicaid.

The plan is based on a Cleveland Clinic program designed to improve the health of its employees, which according to the Clinic has seen success in saving $254 million in medical costs in the last 9 years. The new statewide wellness initiative touted by gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine would likewise aim to reduce healthcare costs.

At Tuesday’s press conference he said, “We have to prevent chronic healthcare problems before they take place. Our goal is to get Ohio healthy, to prevent chronic disease from developing, and to help Ohioans take control of their health by meeting goals and benchmarks.”

The initiative focuses on prevention of chronic disease by helping participants reach healthy levels of blood pressure, body mass index, and cholesterol.

The campaign could not provide details of how it would achieve these goals.