Scotties Travel to Logan and Dominate the Chieftains

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The Tri-Valley Scotties (1-0) started the game aggressive, scored early and never gave up the lead, running away with a 48-7 win over the Logan Chieftains (0-1).

The Scotties were consistent through the air with short and intermediate passing and on the ground had powerful and shifty runs. Logan tried to pound the rock early but got stuffed drive after drive. The passing game has not been a huge factor for the Chieftains offense and that was evident tonight as they could not get any momentum passing off play-action or in the shotgun.

The game started off for the Chieftains on the 42-yard line on the first kickoff return of the 2018 season. The first play, Logan handed the ball off to Senior captain Tyler Cummin but gained nothing on the play.  Chieftains tried to throw the Tri-Valley defense off guard by passing the ball but the ball would be picked off by the Scotties’ Carson Simpkins and he would run it back for a pick six.

Senior Luke Fargus got the start at quarterback while backup Sophomore Aiden Fritter came in during different scenarios and schemes. The system was fast-paced and relied on short and intermediate passes to get the ball moving up the field as compared to last season where they were a run-first team.

Fargus was the passing quarterback and made the most of his opportunities as he would finish the game 10-12 with 158 yards and two touchdowns. Fargus had a command on the game and had no show of inexperience as this was his first start of his career.

Senior Blayze Taylor was Fargus’ first option in most passing situations and he was not shy of the responsibility as he would finish with nine catches, 126 yards, and three touchdowns.

Fritter subbed in and the offense switched to option runs. Fritter only carried the ball four times but showed power and speed, running over and breaking down defenders.

As for the Chieftains, Senior Preston Yates tried to grind and pound against the Scotties defense but gained hardly any momentum. The Chieftains offense last season was surrounded around him and this game was the same.

Junior quarterback Braedon Spatar started the game and showed signs of athleticism, splitting through defenders and squirming through blockers, but the aggressiveness of Tri-Valley’s defense was too much for the Chieftains.

For the Scotties, Fritter ended the game rushing for 19 yards and sophomore running back Jordan Pantaleo ran for 58 yards on 10 rushes and had a 27-yard receiving touchdown.

Yates finished with 54 yards on 13 carries and Spatar would end the game 6-12 for 42 yards, 13 yards on 11 rushes, and one touchdown with one interception.

Tri-Valley will play in their first home game of the season next week against Morgan (0-1) and the Chieftains will get a chance to bounce back at Teays Valley (0-1).