Meigs Marches Off With A Win Against Vinton County

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As the ball flew in the air, the crowd’s eyes locked on the ball. The pass was thrown by freshman Coulter Cleland, the rookie leader for the Meigs Marauders.

It was aimed down field to find his partner-in-crime, junior Landon Acree. With the ball in his hands then transferred to the crook of his arm, Acree locked his eyes down field and took it to the house for a 13 yard receiving touchdown run.

After a failed two-point conversion, the game was 14-13. Vinton County had the lead by a shoestring of one point. Everyone in attendance knew it was going to be a nail biter from there on out.

With five seconds left in the first half and the Marauders close to the end zone, Trafford Dunn of the Vinton County Vikings came in clutch with a big sack, resulting in a loss of yards and 2nd down.  At the end of the first half, the game was tied at 21 points apiece.

The second half was scoreless for each team, forcing the game into overtime. Each team figured out each other’s weaknesses, making it a game that would be fought until the death for a winner.

With each other on their coattails, the ball was back into the possession of the Marauders. Cleland handed the ball off to sophomore Abe Lundy, who ran the ball into the house for an 11 yard touchdown to lock in the win against the Vikings.

Overall, this game was battled it out on both sides offensively: on the ground and in the air.

For Vinton County, quarterback Lincoln Hayes only passed the ball once the entire game. Instead, he relied on his teammates such as Jacob Wells and Logan Baker, who combined had 129 rushing yards on the field.

On the other hand, the Marauder’s believed in the air. Cleland threw for a total of 292 yards, with touchdown passes to Acree and Ty Bartrum, who combined had 91 receiving yards.

But, the Marauders ultimately beat the Vikings on the ground, winning the game with the ball ran into the end zone. With a final score of 27 to 21, Meigs gained their first win of the season.

Next week, Vinton County will travel to Athens High School to play the Bulldogs.

Meanwhile, the Marauders will return home to face the River Valley Raiders.