Local Businesses Connect with Students at Ohio University Farmer’s Market

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ATHENS, Ohio — The Ohio University Campus Involvement Center hosts a weekly farmers market in hopes to connect students with local businesses.

Every Friday afternoon vendors from around the area set up booths in Ohio University’s Howard Park – right on the corner of South College and Union Street. 

Barbara Harrison, the assistant director of the Campus Involvement Center. said about 10 years ago, the university reached out to vendors who participate in the farmer’s market on East State Street. 

“The farmer’s market in Athens is very supportive of this effort because it does help to give visibility to some of their vendors and the local food movement in this area,” she said.

Sarah Tucker, Sarah’s Sweets

Sarah Tucker, the owner of local Sarah’s Sweets, was one of the first vendors approached at the larger farmer’s market. She said she enjoys coming to OU’s market to gain exposure, but believes there’s a large benefit for the students too.

“Not everyone can make it to the farmer’s market on State Street on Saturdays so this gives them an opportunity to have something locally produced on campus,” she said.


Juanita Lapp, Lapp It Up

Jaunita Lapp, owner of Lapp It Up, said she loves to educate students about her business and she  believes other local producers feel the same way.

“A lot of local farmers love to educate,” she said. “Local producers, you know, they love to talk about their products, so you get to learn. It’s a great place just to connect and learn about local food and local food economy,” she said. 

“I feel like it’s really important that students get a sense of the community that they’re going to school in and it also really helps support our small economy in the local areas, so I think it’s a win-win for everyone,” Harrison said.