Alexander Narrowly Advances in Overtime Bout

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It’s said that there’s always calm before the storm arrives. For the Alexander Lady Spartans, Wellston was the calm, and the Minford Lady were the storm that came Thursday night.

The Lady Spartans were in a much more contentious game compared to their last – going into the fourth quarter with a barebones 30-29 lead, and a constant shift of who controlled the game. The game was truly a one where it could have gone either way. If either team lost the lead, it was never lost for very long. The game had a seesaw score up until the last few minutes of overtime.

Shooting had been minimal for both teams throughout most of the game. Both the Lady Spartans and Lady Falcons were sticking to defensive play, attempting to restrict the other and minimize whatever lead materialized. Leaders for Alexander were Rachel Richardson with 17 points, and Marlee Grinstead with 11. Marlee and Richardson were pivotal in the Lady Spartans inching it out, as combined they scored nine points from free throws, four of which were what brought the Spartans ahead in overtime.

Alexander’s freshmen were playing excellently this game. Midway through overtime, Marlee scored two more free throws to secure a 46-44 lead over the Lady Falcons. Kara Meeks, a shakeup from the usual starting lineup, had a considerable amount of playtime this game, and scored five.

“She’s been our second-best free throw shooter all year, percentage wise – her and Rachel. I had absolute confidence in her,” coach Jeff Grinstead said, speaking on his daughter Marlee. “As a dad and as a coach, I’m ecstatic.”

Ultimately, the Lady Spartans toughed it out in the end, with two free throws by senior Rachel Richardson to seal the Falcons’ fate. Alexander defeated Minford 48-44.

“We needed a close game for this tournament,” Jeff said, “It’s a simple question: do you want it worse than them, or do they want it worse than you?”

The Lady Spartans’ spectacular season keeps moving forward, as they play Lynchburg-Clay on Saturday back in Waverly.