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Former Glouster Priest Granted Appeal in Sexual Battery Case

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ATHENS — A former Glouster priest sentenced to prison for three separate counts of sexual battery has been granted a delayed appeal by the state of Ohio.

45 year-old Henry Christopher Foxhoven was sentenced last year to twelve years in prison, along with five years of probation and registration as a tier III sex offender.  The sentencing came after Foxhoven admitted to having sexual contact with a female minor and member of his church.

Foxhoven’s appeal comes just over three months past the deadline to file.  According to court documents filed in Athens County on June 6th, Foxhoven argues that he should have received a lesser sentence as a first time offender, his trial counsel was ineffective for numerous reasons and that the court “committed reversible error when it sentenced him to multiple sentences for allied offences”.  He also claims his trial counsel failed to file for an appeal in time.