Craft Beer, Drag Queens Used to Boost Ohio LGBTQ Turnout

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A nonpartisan coalition seeking to boost turnout among Ohio’s LGBTQ voters in 2020 is launching a campaign that pairs voter registration with drag queens and craft beer.

Craft the Vote kicks off Thursday at Land-Grant Brewing Company. Similar events will follow at craft breweries around the state.

Organizer Brad Henry said the effort seeks to educate the many young gay voters disengaged from the democratic process and to generate enthusiasm through fun activities. The coalition estimates Ohio has 400,000 LGBTQ citizens and over 1.8 million who support equal rights.

A Vote Responsibly website the campaign’s developing will help people vet news and information sources. The coalition won’t advocate issue positions or endorse candidates.

Participants include the Human Rights Campaign, the League of Women Voters, Stonewall Columbus and Ohio State University.