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Ohio Football: Fans travel across the country to see Bobcats play in Boise

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BOISE, Idaho — How excited were Ohio fans when they found out the Bobcats would be playing in Boise, Idaho?

“I was jumping up and down,” Ohio alumni Kayla Gross said. “I’m not going to lie, I was so excited.”
Ohio alumni Kayla Gross was praying that the Bobcats would play in Boise because…
“I graduated in May with my masters in counselors and because of that I re-located to buke Montana, so our thing whenever we moved out here was if we’re going to Potato Bowl, we’re absolutely going to make it.”
Gross and Marching 110 alum Andrew Bethel drove six-plus hours to get to the game. For Bethel, to see the band he used to play in was a special moment.
“It’s exciting, we lived in Athens before we came here while she was getting her masters so I got to see the 110 regularly there,” Bethel said. “But then to come out here where you’re not as connected — I missed homecoming this year, so to get them here is exciting.”
Despite being 2100 miles away, Bobcat fans traveled to Albertson’s stadium to root for their Bobcats.
“It’s just a sense of comfort,” Gross said. “Being from Appalachia, you’re so ingrained in home and everyone loves each other. Being back in that atmosphere where we are with fellow Bobcats. We are really around people who love to be here so it’s been awesome to be back.”
A lot of those fans include the parents of the players — for some like Ohio offensive lineman Nick Sink have now experienced 3 bowl game wins.
“It’s been fun, we’ve been fortunate that this is our 4th bowl game that we’ve been able to attend,” Dan Sink, father of Ohio offensive lineman nick sink said. “This past year she’s been able to go to all the games and I only missed one. It’s a great organization. The coaches have been great and he’s a good time playing at the school.”