Micah Schnabel On ‘The Teenage Years of the 21st Century”

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Micah Schnabel’s Teenage Years of the 21st Century paints a set of painfully contemporary stories only as a contemporary poet like Schnabel could: in hues of cathartic honesty, populated by real people grappling with terrifyingly relevant issues. This marks his most recent solo release, on which founding member of Columbus punk rock band Two Cow Garage has perfected his pointed commentary about life in America in the often overwhelming present.

Schnabel says that the songs on the record were written as a “sort of a reflex from dealing with the Trump administration, and everything that came with it, (…) just trying to deal with that as someone my age who has never dealt with that before, it was overwhelming, and I didn’t know what to do with all the information, so the writing of the songs was really a release valve.”


In opening that valve, out came a 12-track album that thematically examines everything from social media to the bewildering passage of time to the many bureaucratic cruelties he and his generation of Americans face on a daily basis.

You can hear WOUB’s interview with Schnabel embedded above, and find information on where to see him live right here.