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Although gathering for live music will be impossible for a little while, WOUB Culture is trying to keep the groove alive by asking members of the regional music scene about the music they have been relying on to get through these strange times.

Cutler Station makes Appalachian powerpop in the winding, rural backroads of Vincent, OH. Made up of John Evans, Kirby Evans, Steve Lipscomb, and Jason Swiger, the band is currently working on their forthcoming full-length, Meat, No Sides.

“You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” – The Byrds 

Added for obvious reasons.  Settle in. You Ain’t Goin’ anywhere. The Byrds are the best. If we have to list reasons why people should listen to The Byrds, maybe we deserve this? 

“Lonesome Friends of Science” – John Prine 

We were saddened by the passing of John Prine. I think we can all appreciate the fine art of crying, laughing, and doing both as a result of the other.

“City of New Orleans” – Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson can light up the darkest day. “Good morning America, how are ya?” feels like a recurring theme in today’s climate.

“Pure Love” – Ronnie Milsap

Who doesn’t wanna wake up like Ronnie during these times: “Milk and Honey, Captain Crunch, and you in the morning”?

“So Alive” – Jonathan Wilson

We can’t explain every song ok. Kirby added this song because he’s been on a Jonathan Wilson kick lately.  

“Dancing Lady” – Teddy and the Rough Riders

Everyone should listen to Teddy and the Roughriders in times like these. It can certainly help your psyche.

“Easy Love” – Wayne Graham

Wayne Graham’s recent release reminds us of days not so long ago. Playing shitty dive bars and sipping on free Busch Lights while sharing laughs and smiles with people you feel like you’ve known your entire lives.

“D19” – Disq 

What a fun song.  Looking forward to everything Disq has to offer. Certainly, a great gift in 2020. Self described as “Midwest Bop,” this is something we can really get excited about.

“Unprepared” – Superdrag

Superdrag is so underrated.  The band hit their commercial peak with “Sucked Out” but this song has the band wondering if we had our shit together. This one is for all the folks who are out there, banging on doors, trying to find toilet paper. Unprepared.

“The One” – The Lemon Twigs 

The Lemon Twigs are so awesome. Jangles for days.

“Have You Been Good to Yourself” – Johnnie Frierson

Take care of yourself.

“Neon Skyline” – Andy Shauf 

We love Andy Shauf. This song is sure to brighten anyone’s spirits. Put this bad boy in your ear buds and head out for a walk. When you get back, it won’t be overly apparent that you have been stuck in your house for the last 3 weeks.

“Odelia” – Black Lips

ODDDEEEEEELIAAAAAA!!! Black Lips make us wanna rock so badly.  

“Something New” – OJR

I mean, this is, for sure, a great album. “Guys like you are on your way out” feels like an appropriate lyric for the current times.  Here is to hoping we come out the other side for the best.

“I’m Free” – King Tuff 

King Tuff is so special.  “I’m Free” is everything. “I’m not the person I would normally be, I’m free.”