Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Newest Way to Stay Connected

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WILMINGTON, Ohio — Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest installment in the nineteen-year long series, offering players a chance to destress on a deserted island of their own.

One of the many dialogs players can see after catching a fish.

Time in the game passes at the same rate as the world around us, including four seasons and events throughout the year. Nintendo recently announced several new events, including Nature Day, May Day, and International Museum Day. Other in-game activities include planting flowers, catching bugs, crafting objects, and fishing.

Bringing People Together

For many players, it’s not their first time playing Animal Crossing, including my uncle. Doug Tilton has had his hands on a controller since he was a kid. He said the game is relaxing.

“There’s no expectations. It’s… Here you go, do with it what you will, you know, have fun, play your way. I think that appeals to a lot of people because there’s so much uncertainty. I know it definitely did for me,” he said.

A Nintendo Switch console with a copy of the game.

For our family, it’s been a way to still have fun, despite everything. Tilton first picked up a copy as a gift to his girlfriend, Ashley Davis. After watching her play, he decided he wanted to join in on the fun. Davis  said the game gives them extra opportunities to connect.

“Pretty nice to be able to still kind of socialize and do goofy things to the Animal Crossing extent, you know, or like whenever I’m on Doug’s island, or he’s on mine and we give each other things or he’ll leave me a note, or he’ll send me mail with a present,” she said.

Making Digital Memories

A ceremony held in the game to celebrate the opening of a new store.

Because of the cancellation of many events to follow social distancing guidelines, some players are hosting their own recreations within the game, including business meetings and graduations. The game registers your birthday upon arriving at the island and surprises with you a present from one of your neighbors on the island when the day arrives.

In addition to the recently announced updates from Nintendo, players can also expect a wedding-season event to be released in June to add even more options to celebrate with friends and family. With a community of millions of people, the possibilities are endless.