Stuart’s Opera House Welcomes Athens’ Old Seed April 1

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Stuart’s Opera House will host Old Seed on Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. (both in-person and livestream options available)!

Old Seed is Zeke Hutchison, Matt McElroy, and Joe Burdock having a fun time playing tunes from the region and remembering players who played the music in the past. They are all neighbors in the western part of Athens County, Ohio. Per health department recommendations, Stuart’s is permitted to host 100 guests for this live show. Guests will be admitted to the theater on a first come, first served basis. In addition to the live, in-person performances, a livestream of the show will be available at Both the in-person show and the livestream will be available to watch free of charge at, but donations to Stuart’s Opera House are welcomed and encouraged.

Zeke (Zekey) Hutchison has been playing the mandolin since he was a kid. Grandson of Ohio fiddler John W. Hutchison (the Seed) and son of banjo player Robert (Zeke) Hutchison.

Matthew McElroy over the last couple of decades has performed, taught & recorded across the United States playing either the guitar, the fiddle or the five-string banjo. When he is not doing whatever he was doing he is doing something else while always spinning at 78 rpm.

Joe Burdock started busking at age 16 traveling and playing all over, while the traveling made place, people, and the musical connection a small obsession. He now is a dance caller, multi instrumentalist, and mild homesteader.

Old Seed

Stuart’s Opera House, like all performance venues, have been shuttered since March of 2020. The only way we can all safely get the live performance industry back is if everyone agrees to adhere to strict safety protocol. We greatly appreciate your respect for and support of the following guidelines.

This is a socially distanced event that will take place indoors in our historic theater. You should enter with the guest(s) you intend to sit with for the event. A nose and mouth covering is required to be properly worn for all of those in attendance. No one will be allowed entry without a face covering. Stuart’s Opera House will have face coverings available for guests who need one. The mask must be worn at all times, including in the Theater and the Grand Lobby. If you are taking a drink, the mask may be removed to do so, but must immediately be put back on after you are done taking the drink.

Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets in pods. Pods are a small group of people who agree to sit together and socialize with one another exclusively. These are the people who you have been regularly exposed to throughout the pandemic. Each group of seats will be spaced at least 6 feet apart in the theater. We ask that if you purchase your tickets in a pod, that you arrive with the other members of your pod, so you can be seated at the same time. Because of the current pandemic, we are asking audience members to stay in their seats the entire show.

Upon entry, each guest will be asked to sign a form indicating that they have not experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the show. If guests have experienced symptoms within 48 hours of the show, they are not permitted to attend the show. Please call Stuart’s Opera House and we will issue you a refund for your ticket(s).