The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio’s Cause Connector Acts As a Search Engine for Regional Giving

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The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio serves all 32 of the Appalachian counties in Ohio by connecting the region’s nonprofit organizations and projects to the philanthropic dollars that can make a tangible difference in the communities they serve.

Earlier this year, the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio unveiled a new online tool, the Cause Connector, that makes it easy for potential donors of all sizes to find and support regional causes they care about. Essentially, the Cause Connector works like any other search engine: you type in what you are interested in financially supporting, whether it is the arts or our libraries or environmental stewardship, and the Cause Connector generates information about projects in our region related to those topics that are looking for funding.

Megan Wanczyk, the Vice President for Communications and Programs at the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio told WOUB Culture about the new tool and the foundation’s hopes for it – as well as a few of the projects the Cause Connector has already funded. You can listen to the embedded conversation, above.

Cause Connector
An image of the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio’s Cause Connector. (Submitted)