TORRES Comes to Columbus Sept. 14 With Songs Off ‘Thirstier’

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Mackenzie Scott released her fifth album as TORRES, entitled Thirstier, July 30, 2021 via Merge Records. The album has been greeted with critical acclaim, and Scott is currently in the midst of a tour throughout the United States that will bring her to Columbus’ Ace of Cups (2619 N. High St.) Tuesday, September 14.


Scott took the time to talk to WOUB Culture about crafting a joyful album in the midst of a global pandemic, where she finds her musical inspirations, and how she feels about returning to perform in Ohio later this month.

WOUB Culture: Thirstier feels like a record that comes from an exuberant place, which is refreshing especially after the last two years we’ve all had – how were you able to make a record with such joyfulness embedded in it during such a difficult time?

Mackenzie Scott: It was a difficult time in the many, many obvious ways but it was also a time where the joys of my personal life made me feel very happy to be alive. I just decided to zero in on those joys and make them feel huge so that other people could feel it too. Nobody needs to be reminded of sadness and hardship at this moment. At least not by me.

WOUB Culture: Some reviews have compared Thirstier to PJ Harvey’s Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea – I love that record but reading that just made me curious if there are any records you love that you felt Thirstier takes some inspiration from?

Mackenzie Scott: It’s interesting you say that because Rob, my friend and producer, worked on that PJ Harvey album and made the same comparison after we’d recorded most of Thirstier. There are some parallels. That’s her fifth album and this is my fifth. I always have my influences in the back of my mind but I try not to hear them when I’m recording my own music—it’s why I don’t listen to music when I’m making my own record. But I would say if I ripped anything off its church hymns. I really gravitate to those melodies. Most hymns are in the public domain at this point so I should be alright.

WOUB Culture: We’re excited to see you’re headed to our region soon, so I just wanted to ask if you had anything to share about coming to Ohio in a few weeks?

Mackenzie Scott Thank you! I can’t wait. I’ve played in Ohio a few times and y’all are always good to me. Point me in the direction of the best hot wings in town?

TORRES is headed to Columbus’ Ace of Cups Tuesday, September 14, 2021. New York based synth pop act Ariana and the Rose will open the show.