The unofficial 2021 General Election results for Meigs County

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MEIGS COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) — Here are unofficial results for contested races in Meigs County.

Voter turnout was 22.95% with 3,428 ballots cast. 

Justin Hill, with 69 votes, and Keith H. White, with 57 votes, took the two trustee seats in Letart Township.

The two candidates in Orange Township who won the trustee seats were Michael E. Guess, with 153 votes, and Rickie Lee Hollon Jr., with 120 votes.

Jack L. Ervin, with 116 votes, and H. Dannie Lambert, with 106 votes, took the two trustee seats in Salem Township.

Clinton Kennedy, with 115 votes, and John E. McGee, also with 115 votes, took the two trustee seats in Scipio Township.

In Sutton Township, the two trustee seats were won by Howard R. Ervin Jr., with 295 votes, and Larry C. Smith, with 285 votes.

For the Eastern Board of Education, Jessica L. Staley, with 383 votes, and Andrew Francis, with 371 votes, won seats.

Heather Hawley, with 704 votes, and Ryan B. Mahr, with 683 votes, won seats on the Meigs Board of Education.

A 2 mill tax levy renewal for Meigs County disability services passed with 2,167 votes. An electric aggregation ordinance in Pomeroy Village did not pass with 74 votes against.

A 3 mill levy renewal in Middleport Village passed with 157 votes. Middleport voters also passed a 2 mill fire levy, which received 174 votes, and a 2 mill police levy renewal, which received 161 votes.

The Rutland Village additional 2 mill levy for current expenses passed with 49 votes. Rutland voters also passed a 1 mill cemetery levy renewal passes, which received 202 votes.

In Racine Village, a 1.7 mill current expenses levy passed with 79 votes, and a 2 mill current expenses levy also passed with 73 votes.

Two Syracuse Village levy renewals for fire protection passed: a 0.5 mill levy, which received 99 votes, and a 1 mill levy, which received 97 votes.

The 0.5 mill replacement cemetery levy for Columbia Township passed with 190 votes.

The 1 mill replacement levy for road work in Chester Township passed with 251 votes.

Lebanon Township’s 1.5 mill road maintenance levy renewal passed with 62 votes. The township’s cemetery levy replacement also passed, receiving 63 votes.

The 1 mill cemetery levy renewal of Olive Township passed with 208 votes.

The 1 mill fire levy renewal in Salem Township passed with 125 votes, and a 2.92 mill road maintenance levy renewal also passed, receiving 96 votes.

In Salisbury Township, the additional 0.5 mill cemetery levy did not pass, with 118 against. However, the 1 mill levy renewal for fire protection did pass, with 223 votes.

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Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until final count is completed in three weeks.