Ohio Supreme Court rules proposed Congressional redistricting map invalid

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (Statehouse News Bureau) — The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the proposed Congressional redistrict map invalid.

The Congressional map did not reflect the will of voters who wanted to end partisan gerrymandering by unduly favored Republicans, according to the ruling.

Ohio League of Women Voters President Jen Miller said it’s a victory for voters.

“I commend the high court for being very clear on what their expectations are and how they are going to measure whether the map created is fair or not. That’s real teeth that we need,” Miller said.

The court is giving the General Assembly specific instructions on what to fix, including a split in Hamilton and Cuyahoga County. And the court is giving lawmakers 30 days to fix the plan.

Earlier this week, the court also ruled Ohio’s proposed legislative maps invalid and gave lawmakers 10 days to fix those.

You can read the entire ruling here

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