A record store in Athens find growth after less than a year in business

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) – A record store recently moved to a new store after quickly outgrowing its original location. 

Vinyl records are displayed in stands.
[Maria Monesi | WOUB]
In just under a year, Republic of Athens Records went from a pop-up shop last summer in the Little Professor Bookstore, to a small storefront in November and then to its new, expanded quarters on East State Street in May.

“It’s been a dream,” owner Michael Wood said. “I started out in cardboard boxes under a tent.”

“It’s very cool that they got a bigger space,” customer Andrew Lampela said. “That other space was very cramped. You know, you’ve got to have room to grow.”

With help from family, friends and customers, it took the team less than a day to move from the first store to the expanded one. 

Makenzie Price helped with the move. She has worked at the store for a month and already feels a sense of belonging. 

“Music is something that is for the community and it spreads love,” Price said. “You know, I think that’s what we’re trying to do is spread music and love.”

Vinyl album sales across the U.S. are soaring as part of a revival of interest in retro music. The store specializes in vinyl, offering new and used records in a wide variety of artists and genres.

“Obviously the heart of the whole thing is always the vinyl,” Wood said. “But, we would like to do some more interfacing and fostering music in the community.”