Discover the new science and ancient practices in “Farming in Water” on HOPE IN THE WATER – June 26 at 9 pm

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Episode Two: “Farming in Water”

Premieres: Wednesday, June 26, 9-10 p.m.


Group of five around a dinner table on a boat.Farmed fish has a PR problem rooted in a legacy of pollution and environmental disaster. But innovative technologies and a reconsideration of ancient practices may hold the secrets to sustainably feeding our growing population. In the second episode of HOPE IN THE WATER, multi-talented entrepreneur, tastemaker, author, and conservationist Martha Stewart learns the ropes at a scallop farm off the coast of Maine. Stewart has a deep connection to the Gulf of Maine – the fastest warming body of water on the planet. She sails into Penobscot Bay where Andrew Peters, a young fisherman, abandoned his plans of lobstering for a more sustainable alternative: scallop farming. As Stewart cooks the scallops, she notes that Maine’s famous lobsters are now migrating further north in search of colder water. Aquafarms like this are the future.

In Alaska, Dune Lankard, a native Eyak fisherman and the founder of Native Conservancy, plants state-of-the-art kelp farms in Prince William Sound – an antidote to years of environmental destruction. Viewers are also introduced to Dr. Loc Tran, a scientist in Vietnam, and Paul Damhoff, a former livestock farmer in Blomkest, Minnesota, who are all trying to make the world’s most popular seafood – shrimp – into a responsible bumper crop.