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July 13, The WOUB Learning Lab will bring Zadie from “Work it Out Wombats!” to the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery

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ATHENS, OH – The WOUB Learning Lab is bringing a PBS Kids character and several activities to the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery (67 Columbus Road, Athens, OH) on Saturday, July 13 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. There will be free access to the museum for all those who attend.

“We will have Zadie from Work it Out Wombats! and will be doing hands-on activities focused on the show and computational thinking,” said WOUB Early Childhood/Elementary Education Specialist Lisa Kinnard. “Participants will also have access to the museum’s STEAM exhibits.”

Work it Out Wombats is a PBS KIDS animated preschool series which follows a playful trio of marsupial siblings, Malik, Zadie and Zeke, who live with their grandmother in a fantastical treehouse apartment complex called the Treeborhood. The residents of the Treeborhood, wombats, snakes, moose, kangaroos, iguanas, fish, tarsiers and eagles, bring varied skills, abilities, traditions, assorted ways of thinking and different family structures to this diverse and vibrant community of neighbors. Each day, the Wombats discover an exciting new challenge that puts their creativity and problem-solving skills to the test. And thanks to their collaborative network of family, friends and neighbors across the Treeborhood, they always win the day!

“We are excited to bring a character and Wombats activities to the museum for children to experience in person,” said Kinnard. “In each episode of the show, the Wombats demonstrate computational thinking for preschoolers, which is a way of thinking that enables them to solve problems, express themselves and accomplish tasks using the practices, processes and ideas at the core of computer science. When faced with a new challenge, the Wombats stop, take a breath, put their heads together and figure out a fix using the design process, sequencing, debugging and other key elements of computational thinking. Our in-person activities will do the same kinds of things.”

The WOUB Learning Lab will also be distributing books, PBS KIDS resources and other swag items. There will also be Work it Out Wombats! take home activity kits, while supplies last. You can pre-register for the event here: https://bit.ly/3VrLHY1 But, anyone can attend the event without pre-registering.

The iSEE with Vision To Learn (Vision Van) and the Realeyes programs will also be on hand. The Vision Van is a traveling eye doctor’s office. It goes to schools or youth organizations with a licensed optometrist and provides comprehensive eye exams and glasses as needed to children kindergarten to 12th grade at no cost. It will offer basic pass/fail vision screening at the event. Realeyes is an educational program of the Ohio Optometric Association supported by the Ohio Department of Health’s Save Our Sight Fund. Volunteer optometrists and staff educate students about the eye in fun and engaging ways.



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At the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery (OVMoD), we believe that hands-on, playful learning with family and friends builds confidence and resilience for success in the future. We are powered by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and strive to be a catalyst in our communities for inspiring young minds, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning, and cultivating the future generation of innovators and critical thinkers. OVMoD is a hands-on discovery museum for visitors of all ages located in Athens, Ohio and delivers education programming across more than seven counties in the beautiful rolling Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio.


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