Next Witness… Please: Understanding the Supreme Court’s Presidential Immunity Decision

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Understanding the Supreme Court’s Presidential Immunity Decision

A week has passed since the U.S. Supreme Court’s monumental ruling on presidential immunity, leaving everyone grappling with its implications.

· Did the Court grant presidents unchecked power to break laws under “official acts”?

· Has our democracy shifted towards a monarchy or autocracy where the president is above the law?

· Are lower court judges now tasked with the impossible job of distinguishing “official acts” from “unofficial acts” without considering presidential motives?

In this episode of “Next Witness…Please,” retired judges Gayle Williams-Byers and Tom Hodson tackle these pressing questions.

They dissect the ruling, offering their insights and breaking down the opinion into four major parts for easy understanding.

Using clear examples, they explain:

· Absolute immunity

· Presumptive immunity

· Unofficial acts

· Evidentiary issues

Tune in to this episode for a straightforward guide to understanding the complexities of Trump v. United States.