Vinton County Sheriff Is Retiring

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Vinton County Sheriff Dave Hickey is retiring.

County Commissioners received Hickey's letter of resignation this morning.

Hickey says he is retiring because of the upcoming changes that will be taking place in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System in 2012.

"By retiring this year, I was going to have a lot more advantages and probably benefits," said Hickey.

Athens County Prosecutor Dave Warren and Fairfield County Prosecutor Dave Landefeld retired earlier this year citing the same reason.

Hickey's last day will be August 31.

His term was slated to end in 2012.

"I'll tell ya, I kind of have mixed emotions about it.  35 years ago, when I started in this department, you know, looking forward I thought 'Oh gosh, that's a long ways away. It'll never get here.' And now that it's here, it's a little bit, kind of, exciting, but on the flip side, kind of a little bit sad too," said Hickey.

Current Chief Deputy Shawn Justice will take over as head of the department.

Hickey says he's very proud of what his has accomplished during his 10 years in office.

"I'd have to say probably the things that I am most proud of, or whatever, is being able to finish and open up a Vinton County 911 system here, which was done in 2003 out of the Sheriff's Office," said Hickey.

He also says he's proud that Vinton County is now part of the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail.

Hickey has been sheriff in Vinton County since 2001.