Ohio University Students Arriving Today

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Today will be a busy day for Ohio University. In Athens, residence hall move-in begins for the fall quarter.

In Columbus, the Board of Trustees will meet.

President Roderick McDavis says trustees will be shown plans for building improvements and options for paying that bill.

"We're simply going to layout the vision for the institution going forward and then allow the board to have a conversation around the issues that going into debt would encompass," says McDavis.

McDavis says the Board will not make a decision on what to do until November.

He says it's a question of what projects have to be done soon and which ones can wait.

"If we stretch this out and get a little longer view, it doesn't mean we have to take on all the debt at one time."

Back in Athens, first-year students will start arriving this morning and continue through the weekend.

The first day of classes is Tuesday.