Update: Middleport Police Say Men Might Have Repeated Crime

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Middleport Police say they believe two men arrested in connection with an apartment building fire would have done it again.

"I am just glad we were able to get these guys before it happened again," says Sergeant Joel Lynch.

Calvin Freeman, 29, of Middleport and David Eakins, 34, also of Middleport, have been charged with one count each of aggravated arson to an occupied structure.

Additional charges may be filed later.

The fire happened early yesterday morning and started in the garbage room of the apartment building.

"When I arrived at the apartments, it was just starting to go up in flames.  I rushed up the stairs to evacuate the residents," says Lynch.

The building had six units and four of those units were occupied at the time of the fire.

All the occupants were evacuated and no one was hurt.

The building suffered moderate damage.

Freeman and Eakins were arrested within a few hours.