Program Helps Develop Healthy Heart Habits In Appalachia

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Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are all health problems in Appalachia, Ohio.

One program is working to reduce these diseases in the region.

The Coronary Health Improvement Program, also known as CHIP, is offering classes to help improve health.

The Steering Committee Chairman for Live Healthy Appalachia, Tom Kostohryz, was on WOUB's Newswatch on Tuesday.

"We're starting to see a little bit of excitement in the community now.  We've seen some results from our first class, and people are saying, 'maybe I have the power to change' and that's what it's about," says Kostohryz.

He says the first class in the spring had 47 people in the class and the current class has 69 people.

Kostohryz says after people go through the program they must work to sustain those changes.