Students Say Inattention Causes Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents At OU

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Crossing the street is something we all learn how to do at a young age.  You remember your mother or father saying "Look both ways."

But, you may have noticed that looking both ways when you cross the street does not seem to be a popular practice for Ohio University students on the Athens campus.

"I usually never look, really. I mean I'll look at the sign thing. That's about it. I usually think that they'll stop but I guess not anymore," says Ohio University student Jason Merkle.

Even if they are looking, they aren't crossing in the right spot, which can be a problem for drivers.

"The crosswalks, no one does them at all. You just have to be careful," says OU commuter student Mike Beard.

On Tuesday, Samantha Reidy, 19, of Cincinnati was struck by a bus in front of Baker Center. Eyewitnesses say she was using the crosswalk.

Reidy was taken to O'Bleness Memorial Hospital to treat a leg injury and was released.

Even with this incident, as well as a few others this past year, there are some who don't think that it's the drivers or the pedestrians who are to blame. They say it's a lack of attention.

"I think that cars should be aware of (people) and they should be aware of cars.  But, I do think it's prevelant because I never see anyone using the crosswalk or things," says Ohio University sophomore Theresa Ianni.