Meningitis Outbreak Forces Postponing of Football Game

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The football game scheduled to be played at Dawson-Bryant tonight against Trimble has been postponed. 
Trimble Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Jones tells the game is "postponed due to reports of viral meningitis." She says they are working on rescheduling the game.
Meningitis. The mere mention of the word sends fear through many people. 
There's an outbreak of meningitis in one local school district, but it's important to stress to parents: it's the less severe viral form of the illness. Still, Dawson-Bryant Schools in Coal Grove, Ohio didn't waste any time jumping on this situation. 
Parent Lori Delong said the school district called every parent to let them know there was a child in the school that got meningitis. Dennis DeCamp is the district superintendent and says they have contacted the health department. He says the meningitis cases are all the less severe or viral form–with symptoms very similar to the flu. 
They started with three football players and that's also where the sanitizing started. DeCamp said they disinfected the equipment and asked players to take their equipment home to disinfect it again and also to allow the school to disinfect the walls and floors.
The school is using a stronger disinfectant to spray down all desks and other common surfaces. But, ultimately, school nurse Aleisha Milleson will tell you the best prevention is good hygeine.
 Of the 25 cases reported, most are students and more than half of those are already back to school feeling fine.The superintendent said there was never any consideration to close the school or cancel any football games. 
They're treating this just like flu season and right now there aren't enough cases to warrant any cancellations.Symptoms include high fever, severe headaches, stiff neck, sensitivity to bright light, sleepiness or trouble waking up, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite. 
The best way to prevent getting viral meningitis? Of course, hand washing is key. Clean contaminated surfaces, cover your face when you cough, and avoid things like kissing, or sharing food and drinks with others if you or they are sick.