Driving Back In Time

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If you saw a bunch of old cars on the roads in the Athens-area today, you didn't travel through time.  Instead, a bit of the past traveled into the present.

A group of historic Ford vehicles from the 1920s drove a total of 110 miles today from Ripley, West Virginia all the way to Athens.

But the journey isn't even close to over for these Model T enthusiasts and their century old vehicles. They're on a four day tour of the area but one place they won't spend much time is on the highway.

Nelson Logan from Marietta says, "The thing I enjoy is we're going into Athens by back roads, roads I've never been on before. So, we get to see parts of the country that we never see driving on the interstate."

President Gene Fisher owns the oldest car on the tour, made in 1916, and says, "This is a fantastic way to meet your friends, new friends all the time like these guys from Indiana they've been with us for two years now and we've had people from California come on our tour."

Their first stop today was at the Fossil Rock Train Station in Shade.

Logan says, "Usually on tours like this they have stops that are planned and you get to see things that you normally wouldn't see such as the model trains and a lot of the stops that we make are unusual and different things and thats part of what we enjoy about it."

The group also visited White's Mill and the Ridges in Athens today.

They will continue the four day tour tomorrow in Pomeroy and Gallipolis and they finish up on Wednesday in Charleston.