Interfaith Challenge Underway At Ohio University

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A new effort in Athens is trying to bring people of different faiths together while at the same time do things to improve the community.

The Ohio University Interfaith Challenge partnership was kicked off Monday night at Baker Center.

Brian Bridges is the Vice Provost for Diversity at OU and works closely with the program.

He says there are two goals.

"Our goals are to bring people together across faith groups so that we can build a stronger community and have diversity be more central to what we do on a daily basis but then also to improve the Athens community and the campus community by using the interfaith corps and the work across faith groups to tackle problems that the community direly needs to be tackled," says Bridges.

He says the effort to get more people involved is never over.

"Hopefully we can bring in other partners as well. The goal is to get some other university and community partners to work with us to advance this effort."

The challenge was created by President Obama as an incentive for colleges and universities across the country to commit to one year of interfaith cooperation and community service programming.