Maysville Continues Winning Streak

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The game of football can be played off of many different factors. One of those factors is intensity, and that’s exactly what both of these teams came to play with today. Most of the game was a battle on the ground with next to no passing. Lake Channel of the Ceramics scored the first touchdown of the game with a run early in the first.  

The Ceramics ran a fake extra point to make it an 8-0 lead over the Panthers.  Maysville could not do much with the ball their first couple drives.  In the second quarter, the Ceramics scored another touchdown by none other than Channel. He ended the game running for 146 yards on 21 carries and two touchdowns.  His second touchdown extended the lead to 15-0. The Panthers were not down and out just yet. CJ Harris scored a touchdown, only to have the extra point blocked by Channel. Later in the quarter, Seth Brown threw a beautiful pass to Alex Presley to pick up the teams momentum and to put the field in great field position.  


Harris would end the drive with a 2-yard touchdown run from the wildcat formation. Brown would then intercept the ball to stop a Ceramics touchdown and to also get the last possession. The Panthers would drive down the field to make it only to the 1-yard line just as time expires, ending the first half with a Ceramics lead of 15-13. Jeremy Willson scored 2 touchdowns in the second half, producing the statistics expected of him. He ended the game scoring two touchdowns, with 174 yards on 21 carries.  


Defense played a big role in the second half. Maysville stripped the ball right before the end zone causing a touchback after a 73-yard pass from Channel to Luke Hahn. Channel would end six of 14 with 122 yards and an interception. The Panthers pull out yet another win with the final 22-34.