Neighbors Helping Neighbors Online In Athens

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The idea of neighbors helping neighbors is moving online in the Athens-area.

The Athens time exchange network allows members to help each other with services like pet sitting, painting, child care and yard work.

Beth Clodfelter is one of the coordinators of the exchange.

"It builds on the age old tradition of neighbors helping neighbors, only we use a website to keep track of the time people earn. So if a member helps another member for an hour for example, she is credited with an hour and can use that hour to get help from other members," says Clodfelter.

Being a member costs $5 annually and Clodfelter says you could also use your time-earned for learning new things.

"Lessons for various things like playing the violin or the cello or the drums or baking lessons or plant identification or knitting, there's really a wide variety of things that people are offering to share and help people with," says Clodfelter.

Clodfelter hopes many people will join the exchange program and help make Athens a tighter community.

"It allows people to expand their support networks and receive a much wider variety of services, while building community and allowing more people to meet one another," says Clodfelter.

Clodfelter was interviewed last night on WOUB Television's Newswatch.