Scioto Co. Sheriff Plans To Retire But Continue As Sheriff

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Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini will retire November 1st, but he'll still be sheriff.

Donini says he will continue as Interim Sheriff, and then run for Sheriff again in 2012.

He says this will save the county money in retirement cost.

"When I come back as the acting sheriff, the county will still have to contribute to the retirement system, but they will start paying at a lesser rate.  It's like five percent less than what they are paying today," says Donini.

When asked if he is worried about people thinking he is double dipping, Donini says if people look it his decision logically they will see that it makes sense.

"Well, double dipping is a term people attach to it and I agree and I'm not denying it. And if the people of Scioto County feel like that is morally wrong and they don't want me to come back to work, then they have every right to vote against me. But I'm not going to lie down and give up. I grew up here and I want to do the best I can," says Donini.

Donini is a 33 year law enforcement veteran and has been the Scioto County Sheriff for almost 15 years.