City Council Adopts Ordinances

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New Athens City ordinances relating to bike racks to information systems are on the horizon.

Athens City Council adopted several ordinances at their meeting last night.

Council members suspended the rules to many of these ordinances so that they could be passed quickly.

Ordinance 0-100-11 will allow the city engineer to hire firms to do wastewater improvements.

Members were slightly apprehensive because of the high costs, but Council Member Nancy Bain made points to argue for the adoption of this ordinance.

Member Jim Sands explained that the Council’s computer system was damaged in a lightning storm and that a new ordinance would quickly fix it.

This upgrade will repair the damages incurred, and it will also allow for increased bandwidth.

The ordinance will not cause any changes to the City Council’s current website.

Another topic covered at the meeting was an increased need for bicycle parking.

“Most businesses are receptive to adding bike racks,” says Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl. “This is just an option, but it’s a starting point.”

Recently, Athens has seen new improvements in bike paths.