Huntington Trounces Parkersburg

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In a rematch of a regular season game earlier this season, there appeared to be some unfinished business between the #9 ranked Parkersburg Big Reds and the #8 ranked Huntington Highlanders.  Huntington was able to repeat their earlier victory by beating the Big Reds 56-20.

The game was rough early with some extracurricular activity by both teams, possibly meaning there was something left over from the Highlanders victory earlier this season. In the end, the Big Reds were overmatched and would be eventually run ragged by the Highlanders.

The Highlanders ran for three of their five total yards, allowing them control of the clock and tiring out the Parkersburg defense. A 20-14 Huntington lead at halftime was completely blown open in the second half. The Highlanders ended up having three players run for over 90 yards and three players have two touchdowns.

Parkersburg running back did his best to try and hold up the offense, but his 21 rushes for 114 yards and two touchdowns weren’t able to keep his team in the game. Huntington’s defense did enough to hold the rest of the Parkersburg offense in check to get the ball back and use their rushing attack to dominate the game.

With this loss, Parkersburg is eliminated from the playoffs after a 6-4 season, including the playoffs. It’s now time to look forward to next year for the Big Reds.