Athens County Prosecutor Selected For Jury Duty

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Some people might dread the thought of jury duty, but one Athens County official is looking forward to performing his civic duty.  

County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn received a questionnaire recently that he'll fill out before his official summons arrives. 

Although Blackburn wouldn't serve on a jury for a criminal case involving the state of Ohio, he could be selected for a civil trial.  

Blackburn says he was initially shocked when he received his questionnaire, but is excited about the experience.  

"I love this process and I love community service and I love public service.  I would love to serve on a federal jury one day," says Blackburn. "It's part of what I like to do. I go out and I volunteer and I work in the community, so it's part of who I am.  It didn't just have to do with being county prosecutor."

Blackburn has been previously summoned for federal court duty, but wasn't selected for a jury.