Luce To Ask Zoning Board Of Appeals To Hear Bella Vino Case

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The director of the Athens County Historical Society is appealing the Bella Vino decision to the Athens Board of Zoning Appeals.

Ron Luce says he plans to deliver a letter today requesting a hearing and decision on his appeal at the "earliest possible opportunity."

Last week, the Athens City Planning Commission voted to allow the destruction of the historical building, which currently houses a specialty wine and beer store, so an Athens businessman can put an apartment complex on the site.

Luce says the complex and it's lower level parking is against city code and he's concerned about what this means for the city's zoning regulations.

In his letter to the zoning board, Luce says, "I respectfully request that the Board of Zoning Appeals take immediate action and wholly reverse the decision of the planning commission and provide a correct and defensible interpreation of the B3 Code specifically as it applies to this particular case…"

Luce asks the BZA to let him know if they will hear his case in the next week.