Girls Basketball: Lady Tomcats take third win

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Trimble (3-13, 3-9) beat Wahama (6-14, 3-8) Monday night in a close game by the score of 65-61 for their third win in their last four games. 

“Everybody contributed in this win, I think I played 10 girls tonight and that’s what I told them, practice hard play hard and everyone will play. I think it’s working out for us because we’re fresher towards the end of the game compared to the other team,” said Trimble coach Dave Richards.

Trimble executed their offensive game plan well. Erica Swart was Trimble’s leading scorer with 14 points, followed by Janena Cain who contributed 11 points and Demi Moore with 10. 

Wahama’s Karista Ferguson had 13 points for the night, with Sierra Carmichael shooting for 12 and Kelsey Zuspan and Ashley Templeton chipped in with 11.

Trimble and Wahama kept it a close scoring game all night, but Trimble would be the one to hold on to the lead the throughout the entire game.

Trimble out scored Wahama 13-11 in the first quarter and 23-20 in the second which allowed Trimble walk into the locker room at half time with a 36-31 lead. Swart had 10 of her 14 points in the first half of the game and Moore had seven of her 10.

The two teams kept up the back and forth basketball play well into the third quarter. 

Trimble’s defense picked up the pace in the third quarter by forcing multiple turnovers and getting most of the rebounds, which didn’t allow Wahama many second chances under the basket. Trimble out rebounded Wahama 42-36, Moore held 10 of those rebound for Trimble, the teams highest.

What really stood out tonight was Trimble’s offense. The Tomcats were active off the ball offensively, and their passers found cutters, which allowed Trimble to pull away from Wahama at the end of the third with a score of 51-44.

Trimble came out from a well played third quarter, playing a little sloppy at the beginning of the fourth. 

Trimble struggled out of the gate in the fourth allowing Wahama to catch up and tie up the score at 57-57 with a shot by Wahama’s junior MacKenzie Gabritsch.  However, Trimble’s Janena Cain answered with two to give her team make the lead, Trimble went on a six point streak to end the game with a 65-59 win.